5 Things to Think About Once You’re Engaged

Couples typically underestimate how big of a role their venue will play in many other decisions when it comes to their wedding. My advice is to start thinking about it early on.


Will the wedding be in town where you live currently? Your hometown?

Photo: Bridanmusings.com  via Pinterest

Photo: Bridalmusings.com via Pinterest

Your venue will dictate a lot including date, the look and overall feel of the wedding, guest accommodations, structure for the weekend, what else do you need to hire out for that you venue isn’t taking care of.

Make sure you shop around like anything else but once you’ve found a location that suits your needs and has a coordinator that you connect with, book it! The most desirable venues don’t stay available for very long.


What you want to spend the most on vs. what you need to spend the most on.

Catering will by far be one of your biggest expenses. Other than your music it’s one of those things your guests will talk about long after the wedding is over. With it being such a large piece of the budget, you want to make sure the culinary aspect of your day is on point!


Will you want to make an entire weekend out of the wedding? If so, guests who are traveling to your wedding will love the fact that you’ve setup an entire weekend for them, not just events on the day of.

Provide lists with fun things to do around the area. Setup a meet and greet after the rehearsal dinner so your family members and friends can get to know one another before partying it up together the next day! Also, consider a send-off brunch for the next morning before everyone says goodbye.


One of the biggest mistakes I see couples make is waiting until only a few months out from the wedding to setup a guest room block.

If you’ve booked a popular hotel for your wedding, chances are that it will fill up faster than you think with other groups or weddings (it’s popular for a reason!). Once you’ve signed your contract, setup a guest room block as soon as possible. You can always add to it later on as long as rooms are still available to you within the parameters of your agreement. Think about any international guests too. They’ll need a few extra days on either end of the wedding day for their travel schedules.


Try to approach your wedding planning with a calm attitude. As long as you’ve hired reputable vendors who are true professionals that have worked on honing their skills (not your cousin’s friend who has a killer iTunes library) their experience and guidance will help you through this and will make it loads easier. Don’t be afraid to ask our opinion, we’ve seen it all!

Rest assured that with any Heritage Hotels & Resorts property, you’ve got the best of the best working for you. With one-of-a-kind ceremony and reception spaces, highly experienced staff and incredible cuisine, your search just got a whole lot easier.





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