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Being a part of life’s special occasions is what we love to do and as such, I am thrilled when my clients host several of their wedding-related events here at Hotel Albuquerque. The majority of my clients treat their weddings not only as a celebration for themselves but as a family reunion of sorts. They usually have many guests traveling from across the county to celebrate their special day and want to make the most out of the little time they all have together. With so many different spaces for this purpose, we encourage our couples to take full advantage of all we have to offer.

Hotel Albuquerque Spanish Gardens

The beautiful Spanish Gardens at Hotel Albuquerque

Think about a bridal shower in our Spanish Gardens that is as lovely and unique as the bride herself. We’ve done tea party themes, stunning displays of mini food items, Mediterranean cuisine, you name it.  Get creative with your menu!

QBar ultra-lounge at Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town

QBar ultra-lounge at Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town


How about a meet and greet for both families the night before the wedding?  After the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner have taken place, get together and share some drinks and laughs in our ultra-lounge, QBar.  Setup a private section so your guests have a designated area to come and go as they please.

We also have several different spaces that can be used for a big breakfast or brunch the morning after the wedding. Can you say Bloody Mary bar and custom omelet stations? Yes Please! Some of your guests will be headed out of town later that day and this is one last chance for a toast and reflection on this joyous event.

One of the best parts about booking your wedding at a hotel is that you can enjoy your guests over the course of a few days, not just on the day of.  These are the types of details that will make your wedding even more memorable for your guests.




Photo of Liz Robinson

Hotel Albuquerque Wedding Expert, Liz Robinson

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