Autumn in Taos: Hiking

Because of the glorious Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Taos, hiking is a favorite activity of Taoseños and visitors alike.

Captivating late fall Taos landscape

At 13,161 feet high, Taos claims the highest point in New Mexico, Wheeler Peak. There are two different ways to reach this incredible height: Williams Lake Trail and Bull of the Woods Trail. Both trails are considered expert trails, so if you want to take on this great feat of 16 miles there and back, make sure you are 100% ready for a long day.

Another extraordinary hike is the hike to Lobo Peak. To reach this part of the of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, you can take the Yerba Canyon Trail. This significantly shorter hike, compared to the hike to Wheeler Peak, is close to 8 miles round trip. This trail is ideal for an overnight trip because there is a constant water supply (it is not advised to drink the water without proper treatment). From the peak you can hike to several other peaks including Wheeler, and there are plenty of open, green meadows perfect for pitching a tent. Be advised that like Wheeler, this is considered and expert level hike; a portion of the hike is extremely vertical run, pet-named the “Trail of Tears” because of its difficulty.    

Devisadero Peak Trail is a very popular trail used by Taoseños and many visitors because unlike many of the Taos trails, it isn’t considered expert, just moderate! This 4.9-mile trail offers breathtaking views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains and Taos Valley. This hike is great for families, those who want to bring along their dog, and trail running. Enjoy this extremely rewarding hike!


Mountain biking in the woods

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