Hotel Chaco Part 3: Ancient Inspiration Meets Modern Design

One of Albuquerque’s newest buildings shows off its ancient roots through a splendid interpretation of the architecture found in Chaco Canyon.

This building in Old Town, the new luxury Hotel Chaco, was designed by the global architecture, design and planning firm Gensler, whose hotel design expertly fuses an ancient inspiration with ultra-modern design and sustainable building strategies.

Hotel Chaco rendering shows inspired masonry

Hotel Chaco rendering shows inspired masonry

Hotel Chaco is inspired by the mystique and grandeur of Chaco Canyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was a major center of Pueblo and Native American culture for thousands of years with its height of activity between roughly 900 and 1150 AD. Hotel Chaco is a Heritage Hotels & Resorts property.

Gensler’s innovative building design embraces key elements of Chacoan architecture.

The precise stone masonry that contributes to the visually iconic look of the Chacoan ruins is evident in the new hotel’s exterior. Hotel Chaco’s viga and latilla rooftop structures pay homage to those used by the Chacoan people.

The movement of the sun influenced the alignment of Hotel Chaco as it did with some Chacoan structures, and Hotel Chaco shares directional alignments of some of Chaco Canyon’s most enduring complexes including Pueblo Bonito and Casa Rinconada.

Recessed windows appear in this rendering of Hotel Chaco

Recessed windows appear in this rendering of Hotel Chaco

Window placement will help naturally cool and heat the new hotel’s interior. Windows along the southern side are deeply recessed, protecting guest rooms from excess summer sun. By contrast, the north-facing windows are larger and allow the low winter sun to warm the hotel’s interior.

The hotel’s construction uses sandstone from the same New Mexico-Colorado border region as some building materials in Chacoan architecture, further connecting the upscale hotel with the globally-known historic site.

Structures in Chaco Canyon fit harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. So, too, will Hotel Chaco. The hotel opens to a garden of cottonwoods and its five-story construction allows for 360-degree mountain, mesa and city views.

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