Hotel Chaco, Part 1: We’ve Been Preparing for Your Visit for 1000 Years

This is the first part of our Hotel Chaco series leading up to the opening of the hotel in 2017. Join us as we welcome you to explore this new luxury hotel in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The grandeur and mystique of Chaco Canyon have been captivating visitors for hundreds of years. The canyon’s finely designed stone structures set against a dramatic high desert landscape strike awe and wonder in visitors and spark questions about the buildings and the people who used them.

Chaco Canyon, Scott Haefner Moontrack

Chaco Canyon, Scott Haefner Moontrack

This UNESCO World Heritage Site in the San Juan Basin of northwestern New Mexico was a major center of ancestral Pueblo and Native American culture for thousands of years, but the height of activity at Chaco Canyon occurred between roughly 900 and 1150 AD. Its immense and enduring buildings that showcase a distinctive architecture set it apart from all other urban ceremonial centers.

The people who gathered in the now quiet pueblos of Chaco Canyon disappeared from the area nearly 900 years ago, leaving present day visitors and archaeologists with theories about its use as a center of politics, commerce and ceremony, and about the people who used it.

Though questions linger, the importance of the identity of this place as a testament to a complex, pre-Columbian culture is certain.

Hotel Chaco, Heritage Hotels & Resorts, Inc.’s new luxury hotel, located where Albuquerque’s historic Old Town meets the burgeoning Sawmill District, pays homage to this site by bringing elements of its sophisticated architecture, carefully sourced materials and culturally-inspired décor and dining to a modern, luxury traveler.

Rendering of Hotel Chaco

Rendering of Hotel Chaco

The hotel, designed by the global architecture, design and planning firm Gensler and built by Albuquerque-based Klinger Constructors, LLC, shares the distinctive architectural elements, shape and directional alignment of some of Chaco Canyon’s most enduring structures and great houses including Pueblo Bonito and Casa Rinconada. Hotel Chaco’s materials and finishings evoke a certain harmony with nature and the surrounding landscape with its regionally-sourced stone, its 360-degree mountain, city and mesa views, its garden cottonwoods and its flooring evocative of a riverbed.

Designer Kris Lejeskie’s hotel interior expertly marries ancestral references with contemporary materials and artwork. Specially designed custom Native American artwork throughout the hotel, from sculpture installations to woven wool rugs, was created by renowned contemporary Native American artists with roots in the Four Corners region and in New Mexico.

Hotel Chaco’s Level 5 restaurant and lounge is named for its placement on the hotel’s fifth and top floor, drawing on the five floors of Chaco Canyon’s storied Pueblo Bonito. The hotel partnered with legendary Chef Mark Miller to create its unique menu concept.

Hotel Chaco opens for guests in 2017, but you can book your stay now.

We’ve been preparing for your visit for 1000 years.

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