Hozho by Rhett Lynch: Nativo Artist Guest Rooms


Hozho by Rhett Lynch Artist Rooms at Nativo Lodge

Rhett Lynch (Diné) has been painting, sculpting, writing and acting for over thirty years. His art conveys the stories and experiences of his indigenous heritage as well as provoking thought and emotions. Lynch’s room features a work of art that has 175 prayer ties over the bed, a design that reflects the east morning light and giclee prints on the walls.

Rhett’s praryer tie painting above the bed offers prayers of gratefulness and peace to guests of the room who will sleep under this painting. The large painting on the West wall is a continuation of giving people a visual and spiritual feast and is evocative of Rhett’s work with layering color. Guests will also encounter two pieces on the wall adjacent to the mirror above the sink which will give a cathedral like effect.

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Artist Rhett Lynch in his guest room at Nativo Lodge

About the Artist Guest Rooms at Nativo Lodge:

Nativo Lodge has commissioned four Native American contemporary artists to transform guest rooms into works of art. This bold artist room project is the first of its kind in New Mexico. “These new artist rooms offer our guests a very unique experience unlike anything else in New Mexico,” said Heritage Hotels and Resorts, Inc. CEO, Jim Long. “Most people experience art in galleries or  museum settings.   The opportunity for our hotel guests to sleep in a guest room that is an art piece in itself, promises to be one of the most exciting and stimulating experiences anywhere.  These artist guest rooms, designed by emerging Native American artists, are deeply rooted in cultural traditions but express themselves in surprising ways.  These artist rooms take the hotel guest room experience to another level. ”

Nativo Artist Room Reservations are only available by calling Nativo Lodge at: 505-843-5300 or 888-628-4861

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See additional details at http://www.nativolodge.com/albuquerque-hotel-rooms.aspx
Rhett Lynch http://rhettlynch.com/

Artist Guest Rooms are in a community partnership in conjunction with the Southwest Association of Indian Arts (SWAIA).

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