Stay and play at locally owned resort

Summertime in New Mexico means one thing: vacations. We book flights and rent cars with plans to leave the state. If you’re unable to leave town because of traveling costs or limited time off work, you may want to consider a wonderful alternative called the “staycation.” Embrace New Mexico’s great culture by booking a hotel in your own city.

This week, we’re sharing our favorite Santa Fe, New Mexico staycation tips for the local explorer.

Get out of the house: After all, it’s not a vacation if you’re at home! Check out the best hotels in your town and take time to learn about the specials, accommodations and services each hotel offers. Planning ahead will make your staycation a memorable one.

Nidah Spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Nidah Spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Looking to explore the heart of Santa Fe by booking a hotel near the Santa Fe Plaza? The Eldorado Hotel & Spa is just minutes away from the Santa Fe Plaza. The property is beautifully decorated with Native American elements. Relax and

feel at home by experiencing the the Nidah Spa or the desert sun near the “Santa Fe chic” rooftop pool.

Explore: Staying in town doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun. The number one rule to a staycation is to treat it like a real vacation. Explore parts of the city you’ve never seen before. You’ll be surprised about the unexplored treasures in your own backyard.

Don’t know how to get started? Check out a local tour service like Food Tour New Mexico. Imagine the fun you’ll have spending the afternoon walking through the historic downtown Santa Fe, while tasting food at a variety of local restaurants. To make the deal even sweeter, Heritage Hotels & Resorts guests receive a 15% discount for the tour and many other local businesses.

Hotel Chimayo in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hotel Chimayo in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Feeling outdoorsy? Why not plan a family outing and hit the trails at Hyde Memorial Park. It’s a great place for children the park is ideal for picnics and camping.

Santa Fe has a great nightlife too. Resorts like Hotel St. Francis and Eldorado Hotel & Spa not only offer amazing accommodations, but they also boast some of the best locales for world-class mixology in the Secreto Lounge and a posh Santa Fe atmosphere and in the AGAVE Lounge.

Looking to rub elbows with the locals? Low n’ Slow Lowrider bar in  Hotel Chimayo is just a few steps across the plaza and is a local favorite with simple refreshing cocktails, fun food items and entertainment.

Let it go: Wherever you decide to vacation, avoid worrying about work before the vacation ends. Use your smart phone to snap some new photos or check out a restaurant review. The work emails can wait!

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