Surviving the Wedding Expo

You’ve already said yes, but before you can say “I do” and start your happily ever after, you have to plan your big day. Attending a wedding expo is a great way to start: You can do everything from meeting stylists and tasting cake to seeing beautiful wedding photography and picking out dresses.

With so much to see and do, expos can also be a little overwhelming. Our Heritage Hotels & Resorts team of wedding experts have some tips to help you get the most out of any wedding expo.

Before You Go:

Create a Wedding Email Address Your inbox is already full as is! Create a new email address specifically for your wedding so you can keep these important messages organized and easy to find. Your email service may also allow you to set up filters so incoming topical messages can be found easily or categorized automatically.

Start planning your big day at a wedding expo.

Start planning your big day at a wedding expo.

Do Your Research Find out which vendors will be at the expo and their specialties before you go. Pre-register if possible, as entry fees may be waived.

Create Labels With Your Contact Information You’re going to meet lots of people and enter lots of giveaways the day of the expo. The last thing you’ll want to do is write your contact information over and over. Instead, bring pre-printed labels bearing your name and info. This way, you can spend your time asking vendors questions and learning about what they have to offer rather than making sure you’ve crossed your “t’s” and dotted your “i’s”.

The Day of the Expo:

Wear Comfortable Shoes Save the heels for the party and put on your favorite sneakers – you’ll spend the day walking or standing. You’ll want to be as comfortable as possible so you can focus on your wedding and not your achy feet.

Strategize Think about how to optimize your day. For example, if you have already selected your gown, dresses or suits, focus on meeting other vendors (cake, photographer, designer, etc.) during the expo fashion show. That’s when vendors will have more time to answer questions without feeling pressure to move on to the next client.

Bring Your Planner & Camera Make sure you have your favorite calendar or planner and camera. You’ll want to be ready to schedule appointments on-the-spot rather than delaying the process until you can check your schedule. Taking photos can help you remember a vendor or a product that you like. Photos can help you compare your finds later.

Ask Questions Get to know vendors or their representatives and ask questions. If they meet your budget criteria and you love what they offer, book ‘em before somebody else does!

Taste everything you can at a wedding expo.

Taste everything you can at a wedding expo.

Gather Info Take notes and pick up as many brochures as possible, even if you think the product, venue or service might not be the right fit for you. Planning could get harder as your wedding draws closer, and you may find the vendor you least expect is the one that comes through for you. All information is good information!

Bring the Right People A wedding expo can be a great day out. Enjoy it with friends and family who are (almost) as excited for your wedding as you are. This doesn’t necessarily mean your soon-to-be spouse should come. And, leave the kids at home – expos can make for long days for them and you don’t want to have to leave sooner than expected.

Taste Everything Why not? This is a perfect chance to sample the market – literally. You may discover your new favorite treat.

There will be a lot to do at the expo but remember to have fun! The expo is all about you and your special day.

Contributing Wedding Experts:

Liz Robinson
Corporate Special Events Manager

Jessie Lopez
Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces, Las Cruces

Christina Manley
Nativo Lodge, Albuquerque

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