Tips for Attending a Wedding This Season

For Today’s post, I thought I’d shift the direction in which most of my posts are aimed and talk to those of you who will be attending a wedding (or two or three) this upcoming season.

Hotel Albuquerque Chapel and gardens

Hotel Albuquerque Chapel and gardens

First things first, RSVP ASAP. As soon as you receive your invitation in the mail, take a look at it and determine whether or not you’ll be able to go.  It’s understandable that you’ll need to check your work schedule as well as a few other factors before replying but make sure to send it back as soon as you can. The ‘return by’ date is there for a reason. As soon as you know, return that RSVP card so that the couple can count you in on the fun! As a side note, don’t just not show up. The couple will more than likely understand if something happened but give them a heads up even if it’s last-minute.

What to wear, or maybe I should say, what NOT to wear. Your attire should be appropriate for the time of day and season of the wedding. My two no-no’s are jeans (unless the venue and invitation dictate otherwise) and wearing off-white or ivory. You might think I’m crazy and these are no-brainers but you’d be shocked at how often I see this happen. Rule of thumb, leave your jeans for another weekend and save your cream, eggshell and ivory for different event.

Be on time for the ceremony! I cannot stress this one enough. The proper etiquette is to arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony start time that is listed on the invitation. If you get caught in traffic and show up after it has begun, quietly take a seat in the back. If the processional is taking place, wait until everyone is up at the altar and then quietly enter.

Lastly, even if you don’t like parts of the ceremony or the couple’s choice in music, it is not your place to say anything so keep your feelings to yourself. They’ve designed this day to reflect who they are and have put a lot of work into making it pleasing for all guests involved. With that in mind, sit back, relax, have a drink (or two) and enjoy!






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