Top 7 Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you may be looking for something that expresses your love and appreciation for mom. Even if you’re on a budget or racing against time, these top 7 Mother’s Day ideas will help her see all the years changing diapers and the teenage mood-swings were well worth it.

1. Spa Day


Is mom due for massage, facial, mani-pedi or haircut? Show mom just how much you love her with a day at the spa. If you’re trying not to break the bank, many spas offer monthly specials, so there’s no excuse why mom can’t feel like a queen this Mother’s Day.

2. Brunch

Everyone knows Mother’s Day is all about brunch, so why not delight mom with your exceptional tastes in food on her special day?

Where to go: Garduños Restaurant in Albuquerque at Old Town and the Old House Restaurant in Santa Fe are hosting brunch for Mother’s Day.

3. Home-cooked meal


Unlock your mother’s heart by whipping up something fresh in the kitchen. We’ve got plenty of recipes that are perfect for breakfast in bed or a special dinner she’s sure to love.

4. Gift of travel

Is you’re mom all about adventure? Give the gift of luxurious travel – perfect to use for any occasion. You can spend as much or as little as you’d like, so there’s no need to worry if you can’t pay for the whole trip. Your mom will see it as an opportunity to put the proceeds toward her dream vacation.

5. Jewelry


If you’re mom is stylish — come one, of course she is –she’ll dig these earrings as well as paintings and home accessories by Milo Creations.

6. Take Your Momma to Meet Some Llamas!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.49.26 PM

Adventures with a llama? She’ll love you for it. She has to. She’s your mom.

7. Day at the pool

Las-Cruces-Hotel-Encanto-Pool07 (1)

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than treating mom to a relaxing day at the pool while sipping cocktails? We can almost guarantee you’ll be mom’s favorite this Mother’s Day.

Now that we’ve shared some unique ideas for that special woman in your life, tell us some of your ideas in the comments below.

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