What To Pack When Visiting New Mexico In The Springtime

If you’re planning your spring getaway somewhere in New Mexico, it is important to make sure you pack the essentials. Luckily, you picked one of the most comfortable times of the year to visit. Living up to our name, The Land of Enchantment, New Mexico has springtime temperatures that are near perfect! On average, our temperatures range from the low 60’s to the high 80’s with occasional winds. To guarantee you pack appropriately, here are some expert packing tips for your New Mexico trip.

1. Sweater Weather:

A good thing about New Mexico weather is the temperature diversity and from one day to the next our weather is ever-changing. With that said, it is important that you pack clothes that you could layer to avoid getting too hot or cold. Sweaters are a good idea to pack as well as a jean jacket because they are not as bulky as a winter jacket, yet the material can overcome the wind. Also, a scarf is a lighter and easy-to-pack option that can keep be used avoid chilly mornings.


Jean Jacket

2. Hair:

Due to the mild temperatures and the ideal humidity levels, those with long enough hair have the opportunity of letting their hair down without avoiding the heat or frizz that comes from humidity. However, the seasonal winds could be something to easily avoid by packing something that covers your head. Hair accessories as basic as a rubber band, baseball cap or maybe a fancy fedora will save you from a wind driven bad hair day. Another popular choice among native New Mexican’s are cowboy hats that are in season all year long!


Cowboy Hats


Spring Hats

3. Saving Your Feet:

It might be tempting to wear some comfortable sandals to show off your new spring pedicure or simply to just get some air around your toes. If the weather is right, of course you should do it! Another alternative to a lighter, less covering shoe is a flat. Wearing flats is particularly good for a day in the city because it will avoid any dirt that could get on the bottom of your feet while wearing sandals; however, they can also be worn to go out at night.  Cowboy boots are another popular option for New Mexico because they are very durable and thick so they make a great option for traveling through rugged country.



4. Sun Protectant:

New Mexico sun is one of the best and most powerful things and it is important to pack proper protectant to avoid getting too much of it. Sunglasses are a necessity for a New Mexico trip, especially in the springtime. Also, lip protection from not only sun but also the wind will help prevent chapped lips. In addition, don’t forget sunscreen even on a cloudy day. At this elevation it is possible to get a sunburn.




Sunglasses Tints


Choosing The Right Sunglasses

5. Pack Accordingly:

There are countless things to see and do in the Land of Enchantment. New Mexico has such great scenery and plenty of outdoor activities- make sure you bring the right gear to accommodate your plans. If you love windy mountains, sandy hills or desert flats biking, hiking

Hiking Outfit Pieces

Hiking Outfit

and even horseback riding in New Mexico will not disappoint. If these options are not what you’re looking for, don’t fret. New Mexico is filled with plenty of other outdoor and indoor adventure as well as places that could help you relax from your busy life!


New Mexico Outfit

One of the most important things to remember is that when preparing for these activities, less is more! Of course packing can be a huge burden when it comes down to remembering everything you need for the trip. Start with the necessities. It’ll help you narrow it down.

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